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Our approach in making business is clear and simple: when others increase unnecessary service values by adding costs and commission fee, we just let you chose the unit you want,by and ship.
TEL : +81-50-3396-6611
FAX : +81-50-3730-6699
Web Site : http://www.acesupply.net/
Auto Portal
You found us, Congratulations! Now let us briefly explain why Autoportal will be your preferred supplier of Used Motor Vehicles from Japan.
TEL : +81-725-23-8770
FAX : +81-725-23-8777
Web Site : http://www.autoportal.co.jp/stock_list.php
Japan used cars exporter BE FORWARD provides a large selection of Japanese used cars to buy directly from Japan. BE FORWARD also exports new and used tuning parts.
TEL : +81-42-440-3440
FAX : +81-42-440-3450
Web Site : http://www.beforward.jp/stocklist/?lid=autoboxplus
Budget Holdings

Budget Holdings was established in 1962, and now have various experiences and knowledge for global car trading. WHEREVER YOU ARE, we can ship cars for you!!
TEL : +81-92-503-8118
FAX : +81-92-503-3171
Web Site : http://www.budgetholdings.com/stock_list.php
We are one of the major Japanese Used Vehicles Exporters exporting quality used Japanese vehicles and cars to many countries of the world since 1993. We are based in Tokushima, Japan, a major location for Japanese used vehciles. We are members of all the major auction houses in japan and can offer you any used Japanese vehicles you may need.
TEL : +81-88-678-7158
FAX : +81-88-699-7271
Web Site : http://www.dan32.com/stock_list.php
Enhance Auto
Dear Customer,
Welcome to the ENHANCEAUTO best source for Japanese vehicle for export!
EnhanceAuto is an innovative company dedicated to providing the global market with the highest quality Japanese car.
Our focus is on the superior customer satisfaction for our valued clients. Our goal is nothing less than exceeding your expectations.
TEL : +81-725-23-8910
FAX : +81-725-23-8911
Web Site : http://www.enhance-auto.jp/used-car/list.php?tmpl=large
Fujima car has low prices for you with results that you can trust contributing to a car of high quality and ensuring partnership in profit for life.
TEL : +81-223-25-6061
FAX : +81-223-25-6041
Web Site : http://www.fujiyama2088.jp/stock_list.php
Royal Trading
Japanese used cars cheap in quality. Straight from the Japanese car auction, selected by professional staff in Japan! Royal Trading provides you with a large selection of used Japanese cars in the best conditions possible.
TEL : +81-263-24-2543
FAX : +81-263-24-2544
Web Site : http://www.royal-trading.jp/stock
Thank you for your visit. SAN A TSUSHO

Thank you for your visit. SAN A TSUSHO is a growing Japanese used car export company. Unlike other exporters all of our staffs are professional motor vehicle experts. We ensure quality in our products and also go further by offering vehicles we export with after-sales service.
TEL : +81-45-442-7987
FAX : +81-45-442-7988
Web Site : http://www.san-a-tsusho.jp/stock_list.php
Uno Jikou
Your search for reliable car and spare parts exporter ends today. Customers in East Africa, Caribbean, Oceania, Central Asia choose IMIAUTO.COM.....Why? Because All cars displayed are right here in our stock yard. Not an Auction Agent without actual cars. Because of Honest and Cheapest shipping charge, No fake FOB price. Because of Repair and Repaint service before shipping, Not "as it is".
TEL : +81-86-805-8811
FAX : +81-86-805-8611
Web Site : http://www.imiauto.com/stock_list.php